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Not Only a 5 Star Hotel

but also a place of expression.

We know that being something or somebody else can be very difficult sometimes, therefore, in our Hotel we encourage everyone to just “Be”. Be Yourself. Anyone else is already taken.

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So… About the Hotel now

Yeah we know, the name reminds you of Vodka.

Nope we didn’t do that on purpose, and by the way Absolut it’s a word not a label. We wanted to reflected with the Hotel the Pure Mykonos Life, thus we thought of words that would reflect that concept, something complete, the overall Mykonos experience, and the word Absolut suited perfectly to what we are all about.

Pure Mykonos Life

The word absolut reflects the Pure Mykonos Life.

Its something complete

Absolut is something complete, its the overall Mykonos experience.

Well that a long story but in short, like nearly all business we are a family owned Hotel.

Absolut Mykonos Hotel will begin its life on 2017 but its predecessor, Golden Star Hotel, rocked the Mykonian Hotel scene since 1990 until October 2016.

Hospitality its inherited to us, our family has been on the Hospitality industry for generations and we grew up at the Hotel, in other words it’s in our heart or blood. You name it.

What About our Staff

Here we do things just a little different.

Forget about the classic roles and name tags. This belong to the past. So let us introduce ourselves.

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